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I hope my ps brushes weren't deleted haha..........

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Literally can't wait for the next CSP update

Turns out the last, like, 30 min was more fitting, but I watched it and it still got me good

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I really want to watch Sword of the Stranger again, but my attention span is bad, and I really only want to be hit by the impact of the last 10?? minutes or so...

Lowkey learning to make small websites again and enjoying it..
Nice to do something I'm actually decent at haha... my current field of study feels terrible..........

I am......... *so* tired of dealing with people..................

Drew Marie and Olivia to match the earlier Noel and Joanna piece.
Olivia is Noel's aunt, and Marie is her daughter/his cousin.

I've gotten better at Clip, but still miss PS and its brushes so much. Drawing in clip feels so stilted 😭

Here I am, playing my old sims 3 as a way to destress
and there it is constantly coming up with new ways to malfunction

Took norb to vet and there is a slight change in his eyes, but the vet doesn't really think it's enough to cause a change to his sight... So a little less upsetting than I feared, but still a little upsetting :(

I'm puppysitting a little devil, and I just heard her smacking her lips in her sleep .... dreaming about chewing on me more 😭

Ofc the weather starts behaving when I'm going to class.... :(

Ah yes, the sweet sound of putting ceramics down on nonexistent surfaces

Nothing like a camera to remind me I don't actually see well enough to judge the focus, but I still like this one πŸ˜‚

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