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Doodled with @EmergencyBattle and ended up taking over the canvas with Noel and all his friends (I'm sorry). πŸ˜‚
Emilia added the flowers and they're adorable!!

>danish song
>i'm in denmark
>"video not available in your country"


wanted a specific song to comfort me, but the best version of it has disappeared from yt 😭


me: after this and this date life should stop sucking
life: no have this too

Researching the possibility of pet birds and there's so little information I'm shook 😭

Fake screenshots of an old story! I've been writing all my stories down in a new system and got a little excited about this one again. I didn't spend much time on any of these so the drawings are super rough, but I got the feelings I wanted down πŸ’«
The lyric is from a song I was listening to while drawing the first one πŸ˜‚

There's a ton of mistakes and things I have to figure out how to do better, but! This was a good experiment!!

A bit of whining from Norb today as I tried to add a little to my walk alone, but today has been meh overall, so we'll try again tomorrow!

Home alone training is going forward! 😭 Norb was alone for 10-something minutes yesterday, and since I don't want to push it or be too predictable, today was 5 min while I took a little walk. No whining or yelling at all. 😭

small success 

Been really upset all day, but Norbert was just home alone for approximately 10 minutes without a single yell and that does give some hope for the future

Lucy was told to lose weight by our vet and now she's blending in with Norbert's snake!! She's getting too powerful!

long, positive things though 

Good things today:
1) I had apparently taken pictures of those comic pages the wind took! So I still have them! somewhat!
2) The experiment that was getting a buzzcut to finally reset the damage done to my hair is maybe working! Long enough now for tiny attempts at curls! I'm excited to maybe one day get my hair back to what it used to be!
3) Also I guess my hair is in a pixie cut right now and it looks really nice

norb: whines about wanting to go on walk
norb, when it's time to go: doesn't want to go

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