Norb keeping me awake again because he didn't eat and doesn't understand hunger 😭

I have made one of Norb already. After this one of Lucy, I'll do Luna, but that might be a bit painful. Still sad about losing her

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"Yeah, I want to draw my OCs today"
...proceeds to paint a portrait of my cat instead

Norb played in the creek today! He doesn't like water, but he does like chasing the leaves floating along the surface πŸ˜‚
Very funny until I lost hold of the leash and the boy was too busy chasing leaves to listen to me πŸ€£πŸ˜‘

In other news, stepping on a bus with the wrong number on it was not among my plans for today

Listening to radio hosts being puzzled by today's level of anxiety in students is hilarious.

"Back in my day, I don't remember it being that hard, so I don't understand"

Like, could it be the constant increase of demands and expectations in today's education? Maybe the 10+ years you told students they'd never be worth anything without good grades? Truly puzzling πŸ€”

Day's starting great! The cat knocked a plant into the sofa and I threw out my back!

Brushed the cat and istg she must be hiding several other cats in her fur

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