Tfw you've already been out walking your dog for 2,5 hours and then when you're home and tired the sun finally starts shining..... 😐
This is from our walk, by the way, the water was noisy and needed to be put in its place. 😀

Met one of Norb's friends out on our walk and decided to double our walk and go with them too. Usually he's very timid and insecure even with his dog friends and doesn't try to engage in play, but he had a blast trying to get his friend to play with him and ran super fast!

An activity I like doing with Norb is where I hide treats for him to go and find. We've recently moved on to being able to find tea bags too! He's an absolute pro at both and it's a big confidence boost.

Spent today with family. Norb was tired enough on the bus ride home that he decided to sleep.

Someone's had trouble staying warm during his evening snores lately, but the solution to it has been well accepted


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