@3__54 Ohhhhhh!

Okay; it says 鈥淥C鈥 right there; but I can鈥檛 shake those Shinji-and-Asuka-vibes鈥

They are gorgeous; no matter what (or who)!

@quinnhempstead Haha! I haven't watched Evangelion, but from what I've heard of those two, they deserve good naps like my characters too.

Thank you!

@3__54 They look so cozy. I love how elegantly you've drawn their arms and the pup's legs and snoot.

@3__54 Oooooh these are so cozy! So comfy! Such sweet vibes. Really diggin the line work and the composition

@3__54 and hopefully a nice cat that wants to cuddle with me like that, too. :D

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