How does one sit in class and not pay attention but just draw without guilt? Asking for a.......... friend....... 🀣

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By it being a Corona-Induced online class and no one being able to see you 😎

@Ayior I wish!! 😭 We're 50/50 online and on campus and it feels so likely to end up biting us in the butt :(

@3__54 drawing usually helps me pay attention 😢

@TapiocaPearl !! maybe it's what I've been doing wrong all this time!! I mean.. my friend...

@3__54 your hands are drawing, but your ears are still listening. I found that it let me gets more information from class. When I was in class with my friend, and she was only listening while I draw in the meantime, sometimes she still didn't get what teacher said and ask me. Surprisingly, I got the information most of the time πŸ˜†

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