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I've made a collection of the art and sketches I've made during 2018. In total there's 43 pages of drawings, sketches, studies etc. It's available for free, but donations are welcome. ☺️

I'm back in contact with the potential job, and on Tuesday I'll go talk with them again and hopefully get officially hired!!
I really, really hope this is it!!

One smiley pic from yesterday, and one victory pic from tonight of a gremlin who went far out into the water on his own!! because he saw some seaweed sticking up 🤣

There won't be any digital drawings for a small while, I guess... I don't want to scratch up my tablet anymore than it is already with my worn-out pen nibs....
soooo yay chance to get better at traditional stuff 😂

Also the job I thought I'd be getting is being radio silent and now I've tried calling them and ....... I'm tired

My package with pen nibs has been lost and couldn't be replaced so it should be getting refunded now .......
I can't draw digitally until I get new ones, though, so that's nice 😅

Ordered new pen nibs for my tablet pen and according to tracking info they should've arrived yesterday 😐

Oh right, had a dream with Hei from DtB in it
finally some new content 🙏

Can you tell that I sometimes let them lick certain food containers before I put them in the trash? 😂

Previous dog attack stuff 

Horse riding gear is so expensive 😅

Norb's summer survival strategy is to lie in the shade and pretend his legs don't work until 8 PM.
Which is fair, though a bit unusual for him. 😂

A girl just walked by outside eating three popsicles at the same time? Living her best life tbh

oh it feels like 28C out.... that’s why Norbert and I are dying 🥵

I might abandon Adobe if PS changes and this new program takes over, but........I can't function in anything other than PS so RIP me

(I have a small hope my laptop is just buggy) but with PS messing up/changing some of my settings and Adobe announcing a new program *just* for drawing I can't help but say... thanks, I hate it.

So I was absolutely dying about it, but I went to a job interview today at a stable with racing trotters and I am absolutely sold.
It’s so far away from where I live, though, so I need to consider that... but this place sounds like a dream job for me 😭❤️

Drew this yesterday to avoid cleaning. I'm still avoiding it.

A week of daily thunder has really put him on edge these days--today especially. Hopefully the weather will behave soon.

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