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I've made a collection of the art and sketches I've made during 2018. In total there's 43 pages of drawings, sketches, studies etc. It's available for free, but donations are welcome. ☺️

I'm art blocked, so I'll let my assistants take over for a bit. 😂

Kitty TMI, UTI progress? 

Two kinds of cats.
Or maybe not, they're both odd.

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> Turns on laptop to finally draw
> Eyes burn immediately

Good weather soon please. Sun, few clouds and no wind. Thank you. 😔🙏

Lucy has a UTI, but not so bad it's alarming???
Got painkillers, meds and special food and then we hope that'll be enough for the "little" lady to feel good again! 😂
My poor wallet though 😂😂

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When you need the vet semi-urgently and it's a holiday week 🙃
They have reduced hours, but hopefully I'll still be able to get an appointment...
And then I just hope that it's a small thing so little Lucy is good again soon.

On the internship schedule we've gotten one German lecture replaced by a... religion lecture.

I just found out a store nearby has agility equipment for sale 👀
But I shouldn't, we can only use what we already have when we're visiting family anyway 😭

I broke, and I cut bangs.
Messed it up too 😂

I thought I was supposed to have a presentation tomorrow, so I rushed to prepare it just now, but no... I'm presenting on Thursday... It's nice to have it done early, but if anyone having the presentations before me pick the same subject I'll have to redo...
But then I'll at least know for certain I'm cursed...

Our schedules for the internship arrived... we'll be teaching in everything I hate... PE, history, German........ I'm just not supposed to have a good time, I guess 🙃

Finished this back in 2016, and it's been one of my favourite pieces ever since.
I miss just being able to go wild and experiment with my art.

Tfw you've already been out walking your dog for 2,5 hours and then when you're home and tired the sun finally starts shining..... 😐
This is from our walk, by the way, the water was noisy and needed to be put in its place. 😤

Norbert thinks hunger is stomach aches and refuses to eat 🙃

@EmergencyBattle said mecha AU for our boys, and my hand went Wild (excuse my lack of mecha skills 😂).
Ethan in red, Desi and his dog Wasabi in yellow.

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