It's Dexter and his buddies again but in some real danger. Say goodbye to those sneakers! 👟🔥😰

It's egg painting with the Kohars! Kid Kayla is very cute here, painting her father's face for Easter, and Mr. Tetenbaum is here too. 🎨🖌

Follow your nose to fruit flavors with your favorite toucan! 🌈🍎🍐🍌🍇🍊🍓🦜

This is not the kind of Easter Bunny you would want delivering your eggs, or is it? 🥚

Twin penguin siblings, Liam and Demi, one into science, and one into magic. What antics could these two get into together? 🐧

A cute picture with Tale and Quill sharing a strawberry milkshake. Isn't that aduckable? 🦆❤️🦆

As much as I love birds, I've gotten to really appreciate fish characters. I need to draw Guppie more often.
He needs his own story!

I always love dressing my characters up in different kinds of clothes. For this time I gave Mobi a cute mage costume. toots

It's the Festival of Fowls! Look how much fun everyone is having! They even crowned the King of Fowls to sit on a giant egg! What fun!

Here's how people in Sunnisyde take public transportation, with their face glued to their phone...well almost all of them~

Commission for Stephen Owl. He's wearing Sonic's clothes from the OVA, but he looks much better in them in my opinion.

Here’s another picture of my main duck, Dex. This time around he’s actually wearing his shoes and he really does sport them well. He’s so cool~🦆😎💗

Looks like Dexter is hitching for a ride and he knows how to do it. He’s too cool for those shoes~

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