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Hewwo, I'm 22RII (Totorii)! ❤️
I mostly draw a lot of fantasy-based arts & characters, concepts and designs. I also do little side projects such as visual novels, RPGs and comics!

With this first post, I'd like to share my favourite art piece I redrew from 2014! Lady Weiss & General Pie!

Still working on a commission, BUT! Let me share this a little about my children~ They are first year students and adorbs! ;w;

Sorry if I don't have anything to share recently, I'm currently working on commissions right now. Bear with me, I'll be back soon! o/

Have a nice day!

hi i'm popo and i cry about ocs a lot. i love ragnarok online, looking at qt art, and drawing soft characters. nice to meet you~ o/

Just reminding you guys that my commissions are open! Just read the rules there and if you're insterested just PM me!
Thank y'all so much in advance.
Boosts are highly appreciated!


palette challenge thing to get into the swing of stuff again

that and drawing a bone person i've had in my head since yesterday

(redrafted bc I forgot the tags OOPS)

hi all!! i'm new to mastodon and i'd like to get to know some people! my name is vinn or mari, and i like to draw ! i love fantasy stuff \o/

Hi y'all! I'm Chairae, a digital and traditional artist based in Italy. I mainly draw my ocs and design characters!

Here's a portrait featuring Quelaan, one of my mains.

OC's thread!
I wanna meet new people ^^

- Show me your main oc(s) and tell me about them;
- share this post so more people can see it;
- check also the others!!

I'll start in the comments ^^

hallo! i'm val
i like silly things
and being silly
especially with friends😙
i always playing game and music
my head is always bread
😁 thank u for seeing

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