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Yo! I'm Lepr0sita and I'm both a pixel and digital artist, I'm currently working on comics that I post on tapas, (I do them in Spanish which is my mother tongue) I'm slowly moving to here from Twitter, hope to get a great welcoming in here :da_grin:


Sora again! Didn't really like it so I went and redid the upper half

im gonna post some ocs on here
Dr Roux is an aloof doctor who takes care of supernatural and monster folk. They were introduced to the supernatural through a vampire they dated at some point.
Also gotta take a sippie of that blood at times ya know.

Still working on a commission, BUT! Let me share this a little about my children~ They are first year students and adorbs! ;w;

This is my first time using Mastodon, but I heard it's like Discord, Tumblr and Twitter in one? So I decided to give it a go! My name is Clef, I'm a little bit shy but I like drawing and I heard a lot of good things abt this place!

So I catched a cold yesterday and I haven't been able to draw properly, just some sketches so here you go, sketches of drawings I'm going to finish after my sickness goes away :lies_down:

I got a table commission to draw a hot OC in a suit and IDK what else I'd rather be drawing

i love big chunky binary brush lines sometimes

kinda gives like a yoshis island vibe

Another 3ds Drawing of my OC Kaori, she's part of my most recent comic which you can find the link to in my bio!

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